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  • Aravali Public SchoolBadiyal khurd, Bandikui (Dausa) Ph. 01420-691567
  • Aravali Public SchoolBadiyal khurd, Bandikui (Dausa) Ph. 01420-691567
  • Aravali Public SchoolBadiyal khurd, Bandikui (Dausa) Ph. 01420-691567
  • Aravali Public SchoolBadiyal khurd, Bandikui (Dausa) Ph. 01420-691567
  • Aravali Public SchoolBadiyal khurd, Bandikui (Dausa) Ph. 01420-691567
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About The School

The Aravali Public School, Bandikui founded in the year 2004, was initiated by the efforts of the Indian community in the Kingdom. The school commenced its journey with a committed workforce -a Principal and three staff members. 8 years of its successful existence, the school has made significant contribution towards education excellence.

The school started in a small accommodation in Gudha Road Bandikui and is now situated at Badiyal Khurd Bandikui . A Co-Educational, English Medium Institution from L.K.G to class 12th with a strength of about 900 students , is a semblance of tradition of cultural values by regular Hawan. We have more then 35 Team Members.

we are here....

Latest Updates

Apsbandikui.com is launched on 24th july 2012

Admission Open for the session 2015-16.....

Aps social page for student is running well n all students can join that.
A mail facility for staff. they can access their e mail account
Smart classes will be introduce soon.

A message from the chairman

Mr. Brahampal Singh Chauhan

A nation is known by the culture and education of its people. The type of education is known by the actions, communication and behaviour of people. Here in APS the horizon of learning gets expanded as the teaching environment is reinvented beyond text books. This aim is realized by focusing on the development of KASSIM (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Social and Moral values). Sometimes it becomes challenging to utilize the global changes in the methods ofinstructions for the all-round development of students and uphold the APS commitment towards nation building. In order to keep pace with the growing civilization human thinking needs to adapt change like the mind adapts change in speed on a tread mill. Likewise the living mind governs the change of speed of food steps in the form of thinking. The quality of effects is visible only when there is collaborative efforts of the physical and mental abilities of an individual. The knowledge of the world can only be acquired in the world and not in a closet; therefore the willingness to feel change and adept charge is of utmost importance. The illiterates of 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn to unlearn the irrelevant and relearn the relevant. Storing the mind with millions of facts is no education. Those who are able to communication and contribute positively in any situation or circumstance are really educated. Such people have the best possible vibrations and the inbuilt ability to do constructive work and succeed. The school authority is fully aware of the lifelong learning and provides opportunity for personal and professional growth of the team. With the eternal blessings at APS I am committed to carry forward the impeccable image of APS Bandikui to now heights.


Know us

Aravali Public School

An english medium senior secondary School ,Bandikui.

Know us

The Aravali Public School, Bandikui founded in the year 2004, was initiated by the efforts of the Indian community in the Kingdom. The school commenced its journey with a committed workforce -a Principal and three staff members. 8 years of its successful existence, the school has made significant contribution towards education excellence. Today, The Aravali Public School, Bandikui is one of the largest expatriate schools in the Bandikui with strength of over 800 students and an enthusiastic workforce of 35 members.

Our Aim

we make future of india

Our aim

a. To seek excellence (striving to achieve our very best in all that we do;) b. To be caring (Always considering others and their needs;) c. To be co-operative (working together with one another for the benefit of us all;) d. To participate (taking part fully and actively to make the most of our opportunities and talents:) and so develop our full potential as individuals and as a school.


An english medium senior secondary School ,Bandikui.


The primary objectives of "APS" is to promote and provide its student-modern and quality education that empowers them to choose careers suitable to their potentiality based on their aptitude and interest ,to ensure their physical mental and moral growth and create in them a spirit for learning to make india one of the most advanced countries of the world.emphasis is laid on primary task of building the personality of the child giving equal important to indian culture and heritage

Our Team

They know very well how to make the future

Our Team

Thank you for your interest in working in APS, where we are committed to making things better for childrens . That means supporting and developing our staff, who are our most important resource. It also means listening to childrens and learning from them, and each other, about how to improve what we do. Our staff are at the heart of ensuring our commitment to childrens can be realised. I hope you share my passion to make a difference and to improve children’s lives. If so, this is the place to work.

What we think

School,s Concept of Education

The basic tenet of this philosophy is that in the process of educating our children we accept not only the best that the modern research in education has to offer but also integrate it with the core values of our ancuent cultural heritage.. our program is comprehensive enough to include such activities and experiences besides formal teaching from text books. Thus a very special aspect of our educational technology is our belief that the task of our school is not limited to imparting academic skill to its pupils but it legitimately extends to helping them to become happy and responsible citizens. We contsider it our very important responsible to help them grow into compassionate beings committed as such to improve the quality of life around them and to achieve succuess in their own chosen ares of work. Another important aspect of our recognition and deep awareness of the fact that every child is a unique personality trait in each child and allow it to grow till its full potential is actualized. (Everyday thinking, like ondinary walking ia a natural performance, We all pick up. But good thinking likme running the 100 yard desh, is a technical performance..... good thinking is the result of good teaching Which includes much practice." - "David perkins, Howard University".)

Why Join APS

“The mission of the Aravali Public School is to provide a joyful learning environment that empowers students to reach their educational and personal potential while nurturing their self-confidence and self-esteem. The group is committed to active, reflective and creative learning, thereby developing students who are resilient and adaptable, equipped with the knowledge, skills and disposition to continue their education and become personally fulfilled, interdependent, socially responsible adults. We stress the total development of each child : intellectual, social, moral, spiritual, emotional and physical.”


School Consultants & Advisors

There is a panel of eminent persons from the field of education who are on the school's advisory board, helping in monitoring the school's growth and making constant research towards the improvement of the educational system based on the psychology of students. Vision Beyond Tomorrow The vision of the APS is that each child leaves the school with


Our Vision

Transforming talents into execlence for crafting and creating well rounded citizens having competencies in consonance with the contemporary and future global needs.

Our vision beyond tomorrow

The vision of the APS is that each child leaves the school with 1. A complement of basic skills-linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, physical and social. 2. A set of spiritual and ethical values-honesty, righteousness, dignity, integrity, fairness, good judgement. 3.Self reliance, strong self esteem, sense of self worth and high personal expectations. 4. An enquiring and discriminating mind and an unending quest for knowledge. 5. Effective communication and problem solving skills.

Our mission

To develop insingh and provide concrete ways based on contant assessment to improve learning. To make the children mentally physically, emotionally socially strong to face the complexities og the present world. To achieve this Mission the school is vertically divided into four houses and five cluds from L.K.G. onwards This helps in developing open mindedness among students and building confidence through inter house competitions.

CBSE Affiliated Co Educational - English Medium.


Natural - Pollution free enviornment


Disciplined atmosphere


Transport Facility


A large play ground


Well qualified Faculty


Well equipped Labs



The School provides facilities to the students for vocational training keeping in mind the interests of the students in areas like Media Advertising, Music, Dance, Art and Craft, Photography, Commercial Art, Computers, Carpentry, Business Administration, Management etc.

Hobbies and Vacational Training

Sports and games form an important part of the student's life. These have been given adequate stress and are included in the school routine to promote good health, self-confidence and team spirit besides providing recreation. The school has well qualified full time physical education teachers to supervise and co-ordinate the various sports activities. Special coaching is provided in the evening.

Sports and Games

A fleet of buses & autos provides a regular service from the school premises to different places. Students availing of the school transport facility are properly cared for.


The school has a well stocked book store on the premises for day to day requirements of children

Book Store

We have a good Computer Lab with well maintened computers,and we also have a Physics,Chemistry and Biology Lab to make their study easy with practical's


The school pays special attention to the students well being. All students are put through an annual medical examination by specialists. Health cards are prepared and maintained for all students

Health and Medical care

smart classes a new way to learn .here we are introducing smart classes for every class. so student can easily understand their study concept . smart classes will be helpfull for them to get connected with technology. Smartclasses will be introduce soon in Aravali Public School Bandikui

Smart classes

meet the Makers..

Mr. Charanjeet Singh Guleria

M.sc, B.ed

P.G.T. (Maths)

Mr. Rajesh Kumar

B.sc, B.ed


Mr. Balbeer Singh

B.sc, B.ed

T.G.T. (Maths)

Mr. Shravan sharma

M.phil, B.ed

P.G.T. (History)

Ms. Leela Bai

B.A. B.ed


Mrs. Anju Chauhan

M.A., B.sc ,B.ed


Mrs. Sunita Choudhary

M.A., B.ed

T.G.T. (hindi)

Mrs. Anuradha Bhardwaj

B.sc, B.ed

T.G.T. (Science)

Mrs. Rajni Kumari

B.A., B.ed

PR.T. (Hindi)

Mr. Upendra Chobay


Computer Science

Mrs. Indu Bala

M.A.,B.sc, B.ed

T.G.T. (Maths)

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Shrivastav

B.com, M.A., B.ed

P.G.T. (English)

Ms. Madhu Bala Chandan

B.A., B.ed

PR.T. (hindi)

Mr. Rama Shankar Yadav

M.sc, Physics

P.G.T. (Physics)

Mr. Lokesh Goud

B.sc, B.ed

PR.T. (Maths)

Mr. G.L. Meena



Mrs. Jyoti Sharma

M.sc, B.ed

P.G.T. (Biology)

Mrs. Santosh

M.A., B.ed


Mrs. Savitri

B.A., B.ed


Admission and Fee details

Class Annual fee(old)

Admission fee(new)

Registration fee Transport Tution fee Day boarding
K.g. 0 0 100 Free 1000  
Prep. 1000 2000 100 - 1000  
I 1000 2500 100 - 1050  
II 1500 2500 100 - 1100  
III 1500 2500 100 - 1100  
IV 2000 3000 100 - 1150  
V 2000 3000 100 - 1150  
VI 2500 3000 100 - 1200  
VII 3000 4000 100 - 1200  
VIII 3000 4000 100 - 1250  
IX 4000 5000 100 - 1400 600 upto 8 months
X 4000 10000 100 - 1500 600 upto 8 months
XI (COM.) 5000 5000 100 - 2500  



- 5000 100 - 2500  



5000 10000 100 - 2500  



5000 10000 100 - 2500  
Note:- Fee is subject to revision at the discretion of the Management.


Other Charges :
1. Prospectus Fee(Old / New Students)
2. Pre-Board Exam Fee
3. Registration Fee (New Students)
4. Board fee for Classes VIII, IX, X, XII would be payable by
5. T.C. Charges
6. students along with III Quarter school fee in Oct. School Publication (to be deposited with II term Fee)
7. No Students will be allowed to appear for Final Practical Exam / Internal Assessment without clearing all the dues.

Withdrawal or Dismissal

If a child has to be withdrawn from school parents are requested to give month's notice in writing, facilities which, one month's fee will be charged in lieu thereof. Exception may be made in case of sudden transfer of govt. or any one of the following grounds:
a. Constant weakness in studies.
b. Repeated absence of child for six consecutive days or irregular payment of fees.
c. Undesirable conduct of a child
d. Copying in examinations.
e. For having habits such as stealing, using filthy language, insolence.
f. Bunking classes or found roaming around in the campus corridors during school hours.



1.New Admission begin in the first week of Jan. every year.
2.Right to admission is reserved with the school management.
3.In order to seek admission the candidate is required to fill up the registration from the school office on payment of the prescribed fee. For Class LKG & UKG, no test, only oral interaction with the child. The child will be tested according to the class in which admission is sought.
4.Time, date and subjects of the entrance test are communicated to the parents at the time of registration.
5.Minimum age LKG+3, UKG+4, and Class I +5
6.Registration not in any way guarantee admission. The school reserves the right to accept or reject any application for admission without assigning any reason.
7.The registration from must be filled in every respect and returned to the school within the time mentioned by the school office.
8.Admission of your child to the school will mean complete acceptance by the guardians/parents of all school rules in force or amended from time to time. Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the school authorities.
9.transfer cases student admitted late during the term are usually allowed to join after an undertaking from parents regarding loss of time.
10.Transfer certificate from a recognized school only will be considered for admission along with marks sheet of the examination passed.
11.Official birth certificate in support of the date of birth is essential for admission to LKG
12.Affidavits are not accepted as valid certificates.
13.Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the school authorities.

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Examination schedule with Holidays

Result will be Declared on 30-03-2015

Formmative Assessment-I

Date Subject
06.05.2015 English
07.05.2015 Hindi
08.05.2015 Science/EV.S
11.05.2015 Maths
12.05.2015 G.K./Computer
13.05.2015 S.St.

Formmative Assessment-I

Date Subject
06.05.2015 Science
07.05.2015 Hindi
08.05.2015 S.St.
11.05.2015 Maths
12.05.2015 English
13.05.2015 Sanskrit

Formmative Assessment-II

Date Subject
07.08.2015 G.K./Comp.
10.08.2015 Maths
11.08.2015 Hindi
12.08.2015 Science/EVS
13.08.2015 English
14.08.2015 S.st.

Formmative Assessment-II

Date Subject
07.08.2015 Sanskrit
10.08.2015 Maths
11.08.2015 English
12.08.2015 Hindi
13.08.2015 S.St.
14.08.2015 Science

Formmative Assessment-III

Date Subject
23.11.2015 Science/EV.S.
24.11.2015 S.St.
26.11.2015 Maths
27.11.2015 G.K./Computer
28.11.2015 English
29.11.2015 Hindi

Formmative Assessment-III

Date Subject
23.11.2015 Maths
24.11.2015 English
26.11.2015 Science
27.11.2015 Sanskrit
28.11.2015 S.St.
29.11.2015 Hindi

Formmative Assessment-IV

Date Subject
01.02.2016 English
02.02.2016 G.K./Computer
03.02.2016 Science/EV.S.
04.02.2016 Maths
05.02.2016 Hindi
06.02.2016 S.St.

Formmative Assessment-IV

Date Subject
01.02.2016 Science
02.02.2016 Sanskrit
03.02.2016 Maths
04.02.2016 Hindi
05.02.2016 S.St.
06.02.2016 English

Summative Assessment - I

Date Subject
28.09.2014 Science/EVS
9.09.2014 Hindi
11.09.2014 English
12.09.2014 S.St.
15.09.2014 Maths
16.09.2014 G.K./Drawing
17.09.2014 Computer

Summative Assessment - I

Date Subject
08.09.2014 Maths
09.09.2014 Hindi
11.09.2014 Science
12.09.2014 Sanskrit
15.09.2014 S.St.
16.09.2014 G.K./Comp
17.09.2014 English

Summative Assessment - I

Date Subject
09.09.2014 S.St.
09.09.2014 S.St.
11.09.2014 Maths
12.09.2014 English
15.09.2014 Science
17.09.2014 Hindi

Summative Assessment - II

Date Subject
12.03.2015 G.K.
13.03.2015 Science/EVS
16.03.2015 Hindi
18.03.2015 English
20.03.2015 S.St.
23.03.2015 Maths
24.03.2015 Computer

Summative Assessment-II

Date Subject
12.03.2015 G.K./Comp.
13.03.2015 Maths
16.03.2015 Hindi
18.03.2015 Science
20.03.2015 Sanskrit
23.03.2015 S.St.
24.03.2015 English


Sr.No. Holiday From Date To Date Year
1 New Session 02.04   2014
2 Ramnavmi 08.04 08.04 2014
3 Ambedkar Jayanti 14.04 14.04 2014
4 Good Friday 18.04 18.04 2014
5 Summer vacation 07.05 01.07 2014
6 Id-ul-fitr 29.07 29.07 2014
7 Raksha Bandhan 10.08 10.08 2014
8 Independence Day 15.08 15.08 2014
9 Janmashtami 18.08 18.08 2014
10 Navratra Sthapana 25.09 25.09 2014
11 Gandhi Jayanti 02.10 02.10 2014
12 Dushara 03.10 03.10 2014
13 Dipawali 21.10 26.10 2014
14 Moharam 04.11 04.11 2014
15 Gurunanak Jayanti 06.11 06.11 2014
16 Christmas Day 25.12 25.12 2014
17 Guru Govind Singh Jayanti 28.12 28.12 2014
18 Winter Break 31.12 04.01 2015
19 Makar Sakranti 14.01 14.01 2015
20 Republic Day 26.01 26.01 2015
21 Mahashivratri 17.02 17.02 2015
22 Holi 06.03 08.03 2015
23 Chetichand 21.03 21.03 2015
24 Ramnavmi 28.03 28.03 2015

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Contact no. : +91-7665658136
Email : principal@apsbandikui.com

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